Evaluation of an extant model for the excretion of phosphorus and nitrogen from swine fed diets with and without microbial phytase

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Yitbarek, Alexander
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An extant model was evaluated to assess its adequacy for nutrient management planning for swine operations in Manitoba with regards to phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) excretion and the land base for the optimum spreading of manure based on P requirement of crops. Two dietary treatments were used, control diet formulated to meet the requirement of pigs for nutrients as per the recommendations of NRC (No-phytase) and a diet formulated with P level in the No-phytase diet reduced by an average of 0.1 percentage units and amended with microbial phytase at 500 FTU/kg (Phytase). Data was generated from starter to finisher pigs (10 per dietary treatment) and sows (9 per dietary treatment) to evaluate the model. The model was found to be adequate for the prediction of P outputs from starter to finisher but not sows. Model was found to be inadequate for prediction of N output.
Swine, Phytase, Phosphorus