Echoes of experience: the narrative forces of the Qu'Appelle Valley

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Lang, Amanda M.
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Echoes of Experience: The Narrative Forces of the Qu’Appelle Valley explores the possibility of playing on the picturesque notion of a ‘folly’ within this Southern Saskatchewan valley. By incorporating an understanding of the physical and narrative forces that have shaped the valley as both place and space, speculative interventions are proposed that generate an awareness of past conditions in order to provide some trace of those narratives within the future of the valley. This practicum endeavors to use landscape narrative inquiry as a tool that helps one to understand the landscape experience by harkening to the ‘echoes’ that beckon people to the Qu’Appelle Valley’s hills and lakes. The valley is a setting for exploration and for experience. Working within a narrative when designing allows those key experiences to be extracted, along with subsequent narratives, and developed into a three-dimensional space. This results in a meandering yet defined direction of thought and reflection during the course of design. By revealing what was once previously hidden within the landscape, the spirit of place reemerges, and the new design becomes integral in the experience and understanding of self and of place.
landscape, architecture, trail, design, saskatchewan, picturesque, folly, narrative, inquiry, experience, photography, art