Six-port reflectometer based vector network analyzer with two independent RF power sources

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aboud, saif
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This thesis presents a novel use of a six-port reflectometer (SPR) to build an SPR based network analyzer (SPNA) operating with two independent radio frequency (RF) power sources. The SPNA was first introduced by Hoer and Engen in the early 1970s using a common RF power source, along with power attenuators and a phase shifter. The basic description of a six-port reflectometer is having four side arms whose output is proportionally related to the incident voltage waves and the reflected ones at a measuring plane, i.e. measuring reflection coefficient of a device under testing (DUT) using only scalar power measurements at those four side arms. Throughout the research, a novel approach to the explicit calibration technique was developed apart from the traditional technique of using power measurements for several calibration standards, and the results confirmed its validity. Presented herein are the theory of SPR, calibration techniques, and SPNA, as well as simulated data which validate the main objective of this thesis. Physical realization of an SPR prototype for the chosen design, and results of the use of an arbitrarily DUT (Low Pass Filter – SLP 2400+) are presented in this report. Further work is required to confirm agreement between physical results of an SPNA with two independent RF power sources and the simulated.
Six-port Reflectometer, Vector Network Analyzer, Calibration Technique