State of Lake Winnipeg 2nd Edition Highlights

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Environment and Climate Change Canada, Province of Manitoba
Environment and Climate Change Canada, Province of Manitoba
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Government of Canada
Lake Winnipeg is a valuable freshwater resource known for its fisheries, its plentiful beaches, and its importance to the traditional livelihood of many First Nations and Métis communities. The lake supports both commercial and angling fisheries that add significantly to Manitoba’s economy through recreational spending and through commercial sales to domestic and international markets. The beaches are a strong economic driver for local communities attracting visitors, cottagers and permanent residents alike. Beaches in the south basin of Lake Winnipeg are easily accessible, only a short drive from Winnipeg and can exceed 30,000 visitors per day, especially during the busy summer months. The lake is also an important part of Manitoba’s hydroelectric system. Its outflow is regulated allowing the production of electricity at northern generating stations.
Lake Winnipeg, freshwater ecology, algal bloom, nutrients, hydrology, aquatic invasive species, zooplankton, benthos