Health Professionals’ Awareness of Predatory Journals

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Babb, Maureen
Dingwall, Orvie
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Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA)
Introduction: Predatory journals have become a serious problem in recent years; they threaten to compromise the integrity of medical literature by introducing poor quality material into the academic record. Librarians and editors have been at the forefront of raising awareness about such journals, but have primarily focused on advising academics to avoid publishing in predatory venues. Healthcare professionals engage with the medical literature regularly, using it in their practice, to inform their own research, and to develop policy. As such, it is important that they be aware of the issues posed by predatory journals. This study assesses the level of awareness of health professionals regarding predatory journals, and explores the effectiveness of education sessions in raising that awareness. Methods: During a continuing education session delivered to health professionals, attendees rated their familiarity with predatory journals. In response to their low levels of familiarity, a continuing education session was developed, to assist health professionals in becoming aware of the existence and perils of predatory journals. Session attendees were surveyed on their prior familiarity with such journals, and the effectiveness of the education session. Results: Participants expressed little to no prior awareness of predatory journals. Education sessions were an effective means of raising their level of awareness. Discussion: While healthcare professionals require awareness of predatory journals to accurately assess the information they use on a daily basis, their level of awareness tended to be very low. Education sessions appear to be an effective means of raising healthcare professional awareness of predatory journals.
Predatory Journals, Predatory Publishers, Library Education, Health Professionals, Education Session
Babb, M. & Dingwall, O. “Health Professionals’ Awareness of Predatory Journals.” Poster presented at CHLA/ABSC 2018, Sheraton Hotel, St. John’s, NL. June 16th-17th, 2018.