The fisheries potential of the Northwest Territories: A method of inventory and assessment and the organization and transportation trends affecting future fisheries development

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Stephansson, Stephan Edward
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Fish resources of the Northwest Territories are receiving increased pressure by sports and commercial fisheries. This pressure is a result of northern resource development and an expanding tourist industry. The Fisheries Service of the Federal Department of Environment formed a Fisheries Management Division in 1971 to manage existing and proposed fisheries on a sustained yield basis. This study deals with compiling an inventory and assessment method to evaluate the fisheries potential of the Northwest Territories for the purpose of fisheries management. The method is based on an ecological framework and a classification of factors required for the fisheries management decision and the effective utilization of fish resources. Trends in transportation and fisheries organization were discussed for determining areas where fishing industries may potentially develop. Three time scales to area development potential in the Northwest Territories are used as priorities for field application of the method.
Fisheries, Northwest Territories