Phase shift bandwidth and scan range in microstrip arrays by the element frequency tuning

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Shafai, L
Sharma, SK
Shafai, L
Daneshmand, M
Mousavi, P
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In this paper, the far-field phase shift properties of microstrip patch antennas are investigated. It is shown that, similar to reflectarrays, the resonant nature of microstrip patches can be used to change the phase of the radiated field. This phase change can be caused by the dimensional change of the microstrip patch, or by a reactive loading of its cavity such as an aperture on its ground plane. However, the available phase shift is limited by the antenna impedance bandwidth. The problem is initially investigated for conventional patch antennas, determining the available phase shift range. It is then studied for a wideband E-slot microstrip antenna, showing a considerably larger phase shift range. Then, a micro-electro-mechanical (MEM) based ground plane membrane, activated by an electrode from below, is proposed to adaptively generate and control the required phase shifts. It provides a low loss, continuously variable phase shifter that can be used at high frequencies for beam scanning in small arrays.
far-field phase shift, frequency tuning, microstrip antenna, microstrip array, phased array, ANTENNAS
0018-926X; IEEE TRANS ANTENNAS PROPAGAT, MAY 2006, vol. 54, no. 5, p.1467 to 1473.