A conceptual framework towards a democratic citizenship curriculum, and its implications for educational drama

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Combs, Carolyn
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How can the arts be used to pursue a citizenship education? This thesis attempts to answer this question, focusing on the relationship between educational drama and a democratic citizenship curriculum. It is limited to a content analysis of a literature review, and concentrates on specific curriculum theories and selected theories of drama in education. This thesis uses as its analytical focus the concept of the socially constructed nature of identity in an effort to clarify what the link between drama and democratic citizenship may be. Approaches to curriculum that address issues concerned with democratic citizenship are identified and examined in order to understand how and why the concept of the socially constructed nature of identity is important to a democratic citizenship education. A conceptual framework for a democratic citizenship curriculum is articulated and educational drama theory is explored for its implications to it. The focus is on both historical and contemporary contributions from the literature. It is concluded that educational drama can be a powerful practice with n a democratic citizenship curriculum. It can provide a form of analysis that can be used to integrate curriculum, to create possible visions of the future, and to develop an awareness of the socially constructed nature of identity. These three interrelated concepts are fundamental to a democratic citizenship curriculum and inherent in the practice of educational drama.