The concept of respect in a resident-centred environment

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Whitbread, Luana
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Abstract Respect is a concept crucial to nursing but one which has not been explored adequately. Respect may mean different things to different people, depending on age or culture. It has been determined that disrespect is closely linked with abusive behaviour. Lack of respect may be seen not only as a form of abuse, but also as the cause from which all other forms of abuse develop. In order to truly understand the development of abuse in long-term care, we must have an understanding of the key concepts that contribute to it. Respect is one of these concepts. The goal of this practicum was to develop a strategy that would promote the development of policies and the reinforcement of behaviours that reflect “respect”. The key words used to define respect and specific comments related to respect were identified by residents, family members and staff of a long-term care facility. The meaning of respect from the perspective of the resident, family members and staff of Deer Lodge Centre was explored through a questionnaire. Results of the questionnaire were tabulated and shared through presentations to all participant groups. Recommendations on policy change based on the results were identified and shared.
respect, resident-centred