Effect of enzyme supplementation on the nutritive value of canola meal for broiler chickens

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Liang, Dongsheng
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The purpose of the research was to explore the potential for improving the nutritive value of canola meal (CM) by pretreatment with a combination of enzymes during the canola seed crushing process. A number (12) of carbohydrase-like (i.e., _-galactosidase, pectinase, cellulase) and (2) phytase enzymes were evaluated 'in vitro' (80% moisture content) for their ability to hydrolyze oligosaccharides and phytate and to depolymerize the non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) of canola meal. Enzymes were selected based on their ability to reduce carbohydrate and phytate, their specific enzyme activity and source (manufacturer). The selected enzymes were combined into four enzyme blends. The study indicated that there is potential for improvement of the quality of canola meal by enzyme (blend) pretreatment. However, the relatively low moisture content in desolventized canola meal would appear to limit the effectiveness of pretreatment of canola meal during the crushing process and further research is needed to realize optimum effects of added enzymes. Studies were also conducted to investigate how and why enzyme supplementation influenced feed intake. To explain the mode of action of protease enzymes, casein or hydrolyzed casein and monosaccharides based diets with or without protease supplementation were used. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)