Nutritional evaluation of high ash meat and bone meal for poultry

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Liu, Manli
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An initial study investigated the nutritional value of a high ash meat and bone meal (MBM) in terms of proximate composition, true amino acid (AA) digestibility and in vitro protein digestibility as well as available energy for poultry. Based on the nutrient values of high ash MBM, two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of various inclusion levels of high ash MBM in leghorn chick diets with 100 or 90% of NRC (1994) Lys requirement on bird performance, and to study the effect on broiler chicken performance of supplementation with Lys, Met, Thr and Try individually or in combination in 10% high ash MBM diets. A final experiment evaluated formulation of broiler diets containing 10 or 15% high ash MBM on a total AA versus digestible AA basis at 100 or 90% NRC AA specification and the effect of high dietary level of Ca and P provided by high ash MBM and inorganic source on chick performance. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)