Building from the bottom up, a conceptual framework to expand the function of nonprofits

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Szklarczuk, Brian.
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This thesis will examine ways in which nonprofit organizations can better utilize their resources in order to improve their ability to provide service to the community. This thesis will develop a conceptual model integrating classic and contemporary ideas from public administration, management and economics. The importance and potential expansion of the concept of the entrepreneur has been overlooked in available contemporary literature. The literature has applied the concept of the entrepreneur narrowly, simply as a managerial function. This thesis will suggest ways in which broadening the concept of entrepreneur can improve service provision in the nonprofit's uncertain political, economic and social environment. The conceptual model begins by re-evaluating Joseph Schumpeter's entrepreneurship theory and placing it into the context of the contemporary nonprofit organization. Schumpeter's concepts will be re-evaluated in the nonprofit setting and used in conjunction with contemporary work to illustrate ways in which nonprofits can expand their entrepreneurial talent. A central focus on increasing volunteer participation in entrepreneurial functions will form the basis for a series of recommendations.