Classification of Amphizoidae, Coleoptera, based on immature stage characters

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Xie, Weiping
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Amphizoidae is a family of the Suborder Adephaga of Coleoptera. There is only the single genus 'Amphizoa', of which there are six species known in the world. There are three species in western North America: ' Amphizoa insolens' LECONTE 1853, ' Amphizoa lecontei' MATTHEWS 1872, and 'Amphizoa striata' VAN DYKE 1927, and three in China: 'Amphizoa davidi' LUCAS 1882, ' Amphizoa sinica' YU AND STORK 1991, and 'Amphizoa smetanai' ROUGHLEY, XIE AND YU (in press). In this paper, the morphology, geographical distribution and habitat of each species in its larval stages are described, and certain characteristics of form and structure are illustrated. Keys for identification of amphizoid larvae of known species are presented for the first time. This study is based mainly on chaetotaxal analysis, a method of studying the setae and pores of immature stages. The chaetotaxal patterns of first instar larvae of five species of 'Amphizoa', and one species of Hygrobiidae (referred to as the out-group) are described. The phylogenies of Hydradephaga and Amphizoidae were reconstructed from these data. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)