A Circuit Model for Switching Loss Estimation in Voltage Source Converters

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Naushath, Mohamed
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Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) based voltage source converter (VSC) applica-tions embedded in power systems are growing. Optimal design of thermal management systems for such converters requires estimation of IGBT losses under various operating conditions, both normal and abnormal. Therefore, development of tools for estimating IGBT losses in EMT simulators is important as converters embedded in large power sys-tems are simulated in EMT simulators. Two circuit models are developed to simulate turn-on and turn-off transients using a be-havioral approach. These circuit models mimic the observed behavior in distinct phases of the turn-on and turn-off transients under the inductive load switching. In this model, the nonlinear nature of the circuit model of the IGBT is treated and converter specific in-fluential parameters are taken in to account. An excellent correlation between the meas-ured and simulated waveforms as well as measured and estimated switching losses is ob-served. Finally, an efficient method to incorporate switching loss calculation in an EMT program in the form of a lookup table created using the developed transient model is pro-posed.
IGBT Switching Loss, IGBT Switching Modeling, IGBT Circuit Model, VSC Switching Loss Estimation