Honouring indigenous science as a means of ensuring scientific responsibility

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Settee, Priscilla
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This research actually began many years ago before it was foreseen that it would end up as a research thesis. It has been a culmination of work to date about topics that are near to my heart, the work around Indigenous sovereignty and preservation of the natural world. Through a process of personal contacts with Latin American Indigenous groups in the early 1970's and more recently work with the Indigenous Women's Network, the Indigenous Environmental Network and others, my knowledge about the state of environment and Indigenous peoples has increased. This thesis documents this knowledge. My work with many fine insightful leaders from our various Indigenous nations, as well as other colleagues exercising their solidarity with Indigenous peoples, has been a very rewarding and inspirational experience. Long travels to the far reaches of the earth have permitted me to witness first hand the ravages left behind by western development, and has permitted me to learn how people organize to respond to those ravages. A most inspirational part of my education has been my contacts and conversations with elders from various communities. Their unending optimism, humour and great strategic insights into important world matters have been a deep source of inspiration and motivation through difficult times. I believe that as educators and citizens we have a responsibility for the protection of our Earth Mother for future generations. This thesis will serve, I hope, as an inspiration to how people can overcome their sense of isolation and work towards building a better world for those who will come after us.