Evaluation of a crop simulation model for potatoes

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Renwick, Randall R.
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A crop simulation model for the growth and development of the potato plant (Solmum tuberosum L.) was tested under Manitoba weather and soil conditions on irrigated and dryland sites near Carberry, Manitoba. At this location, both Russet Burbank and Shepody varieties were grown. Crop growth variables such as top and tuber dry matter production, leaf area index and gross yield were compared to field data collected during the growing seasons of 1996, 1997 and 1998. Simulated phenologic development and soil moisture were also compared to observed data for those same years. SIMPOTATO is a weather driven model which requires daily rainfall, global radiation, and maximum and minimum air temperature. Soil physical properties such as field capacity and permanent wilting percentage were measured and used as input parameters for the model. Irrigation treatment amounts and fertilizer applications were field management information used to run the simulation model. Cultivar coefficients for the Shepody variety were not available so an evaluation of the model could not be performed for this variety. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)