Wind tunnel tests to determine effective leakage area in model grain bins

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Meszaros, Steven P.
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Modified atmosphere (MA) grain storage is one of the alternatives being studied to replace the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. The purpose of this study was to understand, under simplified conditions, how the wind affects the measurement of the effective leakage area (ELA). The ELA was determined using the American Society for Testing and Materials standard E 779-87. Model grain bins were designed and built for testing in a wind tunnel. The model bins were held at set pressures using a controlled, measured air supply while air escaped through drilled holes of known size which simulated the leakage area. The data collected from the tests were used to calculate the ELA and were compared with the actual area of the holes. Tests were run in a low speed wind tunnel applicable for atmospheric model testing. The model grain bins were built in several sizes, with several hole sizes and were subjected to different wind directions and speeds. Also, multiple holes, equal in area to a single hole, were tested. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)