The delivery of assistive technology viewed from the consumer perspective, independent living considerations

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Ringaert, Laurie Anne
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Objective. The goal of this study is to describe the experiences of adult consumers with disabilities who receive assistive technology service delivery in Manitoba. The study examines the impact of the delivery of assistive technology on the consumer's ability to live independently in the community. Experiences of persons with disabilities, both with and with little involvement in the Independent Living movement, are explored. Their perceptions of the delivery of the assistive technology including professional, political, and vendor relationships are described. Method. Seventeen adults with a range of disabilities, who were either highly or minimally involved with the Independent Living Movement, participated in tape-recorded semi-structured interviews from November 1994 to February 1995. The respondents were asked what it was like to acquire equipment and about their relationships with professionals and vendors. Data were coded to facilitate analysis using thematic categories including barriers and facilitators influencing access to assistive technology and strategies for overcoming obstacles. A modified critical ethnographic methodology was used. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)