Working with families that identify the adolescent as a problem, integrating the structural model with the solution-focused approach

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Owens, Maria
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This practicum report reviews the literature on the adolescent phase of the life cycle and the family life cycle framework with an emphasis on the adolescent stage of the life cycle. It also reviews the basic assumptions and principles of the structural and solution focused family therapy approaches. I discuss how the two models can be combined. The structural approach was used to assess the family structure and how it functions, and the solution focused approach was used to explore exceptions, encourage co-operation, and build on the clients' strengths. In this practicum, I have four educational goals; (1) To develop and acquire assessment and intervention skills in the area of family therapy; (2) To develop a theoretical understanding and knowledge of the models of structural and solution focused therapy; (3) To increase and practice my clinical skills in working with families in a supervised setting; (4) To develop greater experience and skills in relating to families with difficult adolescents; (5) To receive supervision and feedback to help facilitate my professional growth and development. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)