Improved phosphorus availability in poultry fed wheat/canola meal-based diets supplemented with phytase enzyme

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Nernberg, Lesley William John
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A series of experiments were conducted to examine the effect of phytase supplementation on phytate digestibility and P utilization of wheat/canola meal diets fed to young broiler chickens. An in vitro procedure was used to determine the rate of phytate hydrolysis under simulated conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Complete hydrolysis of phytate in canola meal by phytase was accomplished under conditions studied. Addition of calcium carbonate to canola meal linearly decreased degree of phytate hydrolysis regardless of level of phytase supplementation. Phytate hydrolysis in wheat was dependent on the degree of grinding with 37 and 61% of phytate hydrolyzed, respectively, in wheat ground to pass through a 5 mm and 1 mm sieve. Only partial hydrolysis (46%) of phytate was attained in vitro when a wheat/canola meal diet containing phytase enzyme was used. Two in vivo studies were conducted to determine the effect of phytase on phytate P utilization in broiler chickens fed low phosphorus wheat/canola meal diets. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)