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dc.description.abstract Ontogenetic investigations confirm that independent entotympanics are absent in living primates. Although cartilage occurs in the petrosal tympanic processes of some primates, the assumption that a suppressed entotympanic is thereby indicated can be adequately refuted according to embryological canons of interpretation. Problems regarding the homologies of different entotympanics, largely ignored by paleontologists and systematists, reduce or negate their taxonomic valency for all but closely-related groups. Until such puzzles are resolved, the possible but doubtful existence of entotympanics in plesiadapoids and inferred pre-primate ancestors cannot buttress claims for alleged ties between primates and certain entotympanic-bearing eutherians (principally bats, colugos and tree shrews). en_US
dc.subject entotympanics en_US
dc.subject tympanic floor en_US
dc.subject auditory region en_US
dc.subject embryology en_US
dc.subject primordial suppression en_US
dc.title Entotympanic ontogeny and the true construction of the primate tympanic floor en_US

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