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    • Buhler Versatile cooling tower design for power take off testing dynamometer : final design report 

      Smith, Mathew; Bunkowsky, Jared; Bell, Andrew (2012-02-24)
      The purpose of this project was to design a closed loop cooling system for Buhler Versatile’s new water break dynamometer. The following report outlines the steps taken to develop a closed loop cooling system that will ...
    • Load simulator for tractor performance testing 

      Daniels, Philip; Hussien, Zemenay; Morgenstern, Kevin; Peters, Steven (2012-06-11)
      This report outlines a load simulator design for MacDon Industries Ltd. for tractor performance testing. The load simulator is designed to receive hydraulic and mechanical loads induced by an external source and convert ...
    • Modular hip joint testing apparatus : final design report 

      Dueck, Jonathan; Sun, Guan; Toews, Gregory; Toth, Stephen (2012-02-24)
      This report details the design of a modular hip joint testing apparatus for the Concordia Hip and Knee Institute. Current methods of fatigue testing of artificial hip joints primarily focus on applying compressive axial ...