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    • Design of a multipart wicket gate for Wuskwatim Generating Station : final design report 

      Borchers, Britta; Jones, Colin; Reimer, Jason; Woods, Kingsley (2012-02-24)
      The purpose of this report is to present a solution to Manitoba Hydro’s request for a multipart wicket gate that can be installed and removed from Wuskwatim Generating Station without requiring major disassembly of the ...
    • Wicket gate lever redesign 

      Beatty, Jamie; Schnaider, Christopher; Jozwiak, Sebastian; Cortens, Leo (2012-06-11)
      The purpose of this report is to provide analysis and redesign details on a mechanical component which our client, Manitoba Hydro, has noted are prone to failure. The component in question, a wicket gate lever, serves as ...