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    • Design project final report 

      De Castro, Jericho; Zhang, Pei; Wong, Peter; O'Connor, Brian (2012-02-24)
      The objective of this project is to design a composite modular floor and wall panel system for Composite Innovation Center (CIC) to be implemented in a temporary disaster relief structure. CIC completed the design and ...
    • High precision composite mould design, Composites Innovation Centre : design report 

      Leblanc, Kyle; Morris, Devin; McMahon, Matt; Delorme, Jeff (2012-02-24)
      The purpose of this project is to design a high precision composite panel moulding system to improve the manufacturing process currently used by Composites Innovation Centre. The current method uses two flat aluminum plates ...
    • Rapid prototype manufacturing for an advanced composite wing structure 

      Goodmanson, Kris; Mazurek, Cam; McConomy, Sean; Wheeler, Frank (2012-06-11)
      The Composites Innovation Centre (CIC) requested Team Kinect12 to design a nodal frame manufacturing process for a small airplane wing using rapid prototyping (RP). The final design consists of nine lightweight shell-like ...