Design of sheet metal handling system at Bristol Aerospace Limited

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Costigane, David
Wu, Chuan
Karaman, Seval
Wu, Jian
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This report is about the improvement of Bristol’s sheet metal handling system by CKW design team to reduced scratches and dents in sheet metal. These scratches and dents result in waste material or high rework by the company. In addition lots of time and money is wasted. This report includes a background about the problem and the general background about the company Bristol. Customer requirements and meetings are documented within the report to support recommended design decisions. Six recommended designs are listed within the report, to eliminate Bristol’s problem of scratched and dented sheet metal. There is not one design that can solve Bristol`s problem therefore most, if not all of the six recommended designs should be implemented to reduce scatched as much as possible. Many tools for decision making can be found in the appendices. CKW design team found these tools very useful in making a decision and weighing the specific factors that were important to Bristol. The end result is six recommended designs that are believed to be a beneficial solution for Bristol with a positive outcome.
design, sheet, metal, handling