Assembling Spaces: A Case Study on the Process of Producing True North Square, Winnipeg MB

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Sinclair, Evan
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The production of urban space is increasingly influenced by concepts, techniques, and practices circulating between cities. While this phenomenon has been criticized for its potential to disregard local context, it has also been commended for its potential to introduce tried and tested concepts. In examining the process of producing True North Square, a mixed-use development in downtown Winnipeg, this case study explores how knowledge was mobilized from other cities and, in turn, re-assembled in a new context. Using document analysis, semi-structured interviews, and a context study as the primary research methods, this thesis recommends that actors mobilizing knowledge between locations should put more emphasis on processual factors – including principles behind decisions, contextual influences, and responses of local users – as opposed to the physical outputs. In doing so, the study also outlines relevant lessons for producing flexible and contextually appropriate privately-owned public spaces, as well as approaches for their subsequent management.
Privately-owned public space, Knowledge mobilization, Public policy, Public space, Urban design, Assemblage