Non-family caregiver perspectives on current and future Alzheimer's care facilities in London, Ontario

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Cooper, Natalie M
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Non-family caregivers are healthcare professionals who work with individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Focusing on non-family caregiver perspectives, the research in this thesis provided an opportunity to explore ways they perform their jobs and interact with residents in the built environment. Non-family caregiver’s knowledge and experience with spatial advantages and disadvantages provides important information that could be used in the design of future AD care facilities. Unfortunately, there appears to only be a small number of peer reviewed publications about interior design research focusing specifically on design for AD. The literature is limited on the topic of non-family caregivers and how their knowledge and experience may contribute to the design process and impact the outcome of the built environment. In order to respond to these challenges, designers should give consideration to the benefits associated with engaging the input of those who work closely with individuals in AD care environments.
Design, Alzheimer's