Families in transition, an exploratory study of parents' per eptions of the school-to-work transition of their children with cognitive disabilities

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Hoffman, Harold R.
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The perceptions of parents of children with cognitive disabilities, with respect to their children's transition from school to employment, were examined in this thesis. These perceptions were ascertained through the use of a survey, through individual interviews with parents, and through discussion groups between parents. The experiences parents have had with respect to the school-to-work transitions of their children varied. The results suggest that parents have concerns about the preparation and implementation of the transition from school to work and adult life. There is further evidence to suggest that the school-to-work transition is a trying period for parents and that they have certain preferences, expectations, and needs. Implications for schools and adult service agencies are discussed and recommendations for improving the school-to-work transition process from a parental perspective are provided. A better understanding of parental perceptions by the professionals involved in the transition processmay lead to smoother school-to-work transitions for young people with cognitive disabilities.