Microwave photovoltage effects in thin-film magnetic bilayer systems

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Hyde, Paul
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The field of Spintronics, which utilizes the spin polarization of electrons as a means to transport energy and information, is currently undergoing a massive expansion due to the numerous recent discoveries of electron spin-based effects only visible at the micro and nano scale. With all these new material and current based properties being discovered, it has become increasingly difficult to experimentally isolate the effects of each of them individually. In this work one of the main proposals is an experimental method for separating the voltage signals generated by the spin rectification effect and spin pumping in bilayer samples, a topic currently of much interest to the spintronics community. After demonstrating this new method for separating voltage signals, it is utilized to reveal new details about how the layers of ferromagnetic bilayer samples interact with each other and the behaviours of spin currents within these systems.
Spin rectification, Spin Pumping, magnetic coupling, Spin Hall angle