Volounteer readiness for emergency management at festivals

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Olotu, Debbie
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Festivals, as a prominent sector within the tourism industry, are vulnerable to a growing number of disasters that pose threats to lives and properties. The significance of effective emergency management in the context of festivals has become increasingly apparent as prominent festivals have become integral components of global cultural celebrations. This study aims to investigate the potential insights gained from adopting a service ecosystem perspective in understanding and enhancing emergency management at festivals. The research explores how adopting a service ecosystem perspective provides insight into emergency management and investigates the resources volunteers bring to a festival ecosystem to achieve effective emergency response. The study employs a survey design, incorporating closed and open-ended questions. The findings reveal that festival volunteers are aware of the diverse hazards present, including human, environmental, natural, and infrastructural. They express a desire to contribute to emergency management and exhibit confidence in responding during emergencies. The study also highlights the importance of festival provided emergency management training in enhancing volunteers' confidence and preparedness. Training specific to the festival context equips volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively respond to emergencies. Participants who received training demonstrated a higher level of confidence in their ability to contribute to emergency management. Additionally, the study underscores the significance of volunteers' familiarity with the festival emergency plan. While a substantial portion of volunteers reported being aware of the plan, many acknowledged their lack of familiarity with its details. This finding emphasizes the need to improve volunteers' knowledge and understanding of the emergency plan to ensure effective coordination and response during emergencies. This research sheds light on the crucial role of volunteers in emergency management at festivals.
Volunteers, Service ecosystem, Co-creation, Emergency management, Festival