A preliminary assessment of Manitoba's outdoor recreational needs

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Etcheverry, Jean David
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The major purpose of this thesis is to define areas of 'need' in the province of Manitoba with regard to outdoor recreational facilities and to project the 'supply' and 'demand' for outdoor recreational facilities into the future. 'Need' is defined as the difference between the amount of a resource or facility demanded and the amount supplied. To determine the current 'need' for outdoor recreational facilities it is necessary to determine the current 'supply' and the current 'demand' for those facilities. This study presents an inventory of facilities for various outdoor recreational activities. This study also presents current 'demand' information in the form of participation rates and the frequency of participation as determined through a telephone survey of approximately 2,000 Manitobans. Through various participation rate factors and facility standards, the participation information is transformed into the volume of resources demanded which is then compared to the volume of resources supplied thus revealing a deficit or a surplus of facilities. The surplus or deficit ('need') is then projected to the years 1990 and 2030. This study also attempts to measure latent demand via the telephone survey but because of a poor response rate the attempt was unsuccessful. Facility adequateness is also examined through the survey along with campsite preference. Many irregularities appear in the final 'need' figures which indicate problems with the participation rate factors and facility standards... The study recommends that, (a) further work be carried out in the area of participation rates and standards, (b) the precise nature of the facility inadequacies be determined, and (c) emphasis be placed on the facilities which indicate the highest amount of deficit and the highest amount of facility inadequateness.