Comparison of heat donation through the head or torso on mild hypothermia rewarming

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Sran, Bhupinder Jit Kaur
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This study compared head vs. torso warming using a similar source of heat donation. Six subjects were cooled in 8˚C water to either a core temperature of 35˚C or for 60 min. They were then rewarmed by either shivering only, or charcoal heater applied to the head, or torso. There were no significant differences in rewarming rate between the three conditions. Head warming did not inhibit average shivering heat production resulting in greater net heat gain during 35-60 min of rewarming compared to shivering. Head warming is as effective as torso warming for hypothermic victims. Head warming could be a preferred method in some cases: extreme conditions in which removal of the insulation and exposure of the torso to the cold is contraindicated; excessive movement is contraindicated (e.g., severe hypothermia which has a risk of ventricular fibrillation, or potential spinal injury); or if emergency personnel are working on the torso.
shivering heat production, thermal core, effective perused mass, afterdrop