Petrology of the "Archaean" sediments in the West Hawk Lake area

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Binda, Louis S.
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The Archaean sediments of the West Hawk Lake area are interbedded with the volcanic rocks (andesites and basalts) and form a belt which strikes eastward across the Manitoba-Ontario boundary. This Archaean belt of rocks is surrounded by intrusive granitic rocks and has been metamorphosed into biotite and amphibole schists. The purpose of the study of the Archaean sediments and volcanics of the West Hawk Lake area was to determine the type of sediments present, the degree of metamorphism on a regional scale, and whether there are any local effects due to the intrusives or other causes. The West Hawk Lake area is situated in southeastern Manitoba along the Ontario-Manitoba boundary. This area is part of the Whiteshell Forest Reserve. Manitoba Highway No.1 crosses the area making it very accessible. Prospectors were attracted to the area by the numerous occurrences of pyrrhotite, molybdenite, gold, scheelite, spodumene and tin. There are numerous pits and shafts scattered throughout the area as evidence of this intensive search. No large commercial deposits were found. The Penniac Mine was the only property developed for production. This venture was a very small gold producer for a short period. Two other development shafts; the Goldbeam and Sunbeam Kirkland were sunk by Goldbeam Mines Limited in the Falcon Lake stock, but not enough ore was found for commercial production.