A validation study of the ‘Problem Video Game Playing Test’ (PVGT) in an undergraduate university sample

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Biegun, Jeff
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There is a growing amount of attention being given to the subject of problem video game playing, however there is currently a lack of consensus regarding the measurement and assessment of problem video game playing. This paper validates the Problem Video Game Playing Test (PVGT) for use in an undergraduate university sample. An exploratory factor analysis on the PVGT index items, in conjunction with bivariate analyses with known correlates to the concept of problem gaming suggests the PVGT is a strong measure of problem online video gaming. Subsequent regression analysis suggests that problem online video gaming is associated with average length of time spent gaming, gaming motivations (including competition, escape, cope, social, recreation) and social alienation. Concepts related to problem gambling (including depression, anxiety and stress) are not indicative of problem gaming, and the implications of this analysis are discussed.
Problem video gaming, Problem gambling