Expression analysis of genes involved in sucrose transport and metabolism during grain development in wheat

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Sakthivel, Geethalakshmi
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To gain an understanding of the transcriptional regulation of sucrose transport and metabolism in wheat and to examine their relationships with dry matter accumulation in seeds, this study has characterized the expression patterns of two sucrose transporters (TaSUT1 and TaSUT2) and two sucrose synthase (TaSuSy1 and TaSuSy2) genes in five spring wheat cultivars at different seed developmental stages. Cultivar ‘AC Andrew’ with higher TaSUT1 and TaSuSy2 transcript abundance particularly during the early grain filling stage, exhibited higher dry grain weight than other cultivars. The result, overall, suggests the significance of coordinated expression between TaSUT1 and TaSuSy2 for grain growth. This study also demonstrated the seed specificity of high molecular weight glutenin promoter subunit Dy10, which can be used as an important tool to drive the expression of any sucrose and starch related genes specifically in wheat grains to further our understanding of carbon partitioning and/or increase wheat starch yield.
sucrose metabolism, wheat