Valuing family strength and resilience, a narrative approach to therapy with families

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Maxsom, Cheryl
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This report focuses on work with families using a narrative approach. Modern families continue to be challenged by a wide range of issues which cut across many dimensions of family life. Effective therapeutic work must focus on family members' abilities to rise above these challenges and regain their sense of competence. A narrative approach provides an opportunity to focus on these resources and strengths within families. A comprehensive literature review is provided in this report, which includes a review of family strengths and challenges as well as a review of narrative therapy approaches. This theoretical framework provides the foundation for the examination of the intervention and analysis of therapy with families seen during the practicum. A qualitative review based on narrative analysis provides the examination of the effectiveness of the therapy with three of these families. I will also discuss how a narrative approach was useful in working with all of the families I had contact with. These findings, as well as client feedback, indicate that narrative therapy was an effective therapeutic approach.