The creative network: a satellite campus for design education in the twenty-first century

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Hartung, Rehanna
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As models and methods of educational pedagogy are altered by social media and digital technology, so too are the spaces where learning takes place. Creative education, particularly the education of design students, does not fit into the “typical” higher education classroom, and therefore requires a different physical setting. Despite changes in learning styles, there are many unchanged traditions and functions of the physical setting of design education. The lack of changes has continued to isolate architectural education from the real, urban experience of the city. This practicum aims to address these issues by proposing a satellite campus in an authentic urban environment for the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture students and teachers. I will investigate theories regarding emerging trends in higher education, the importance of place in education, and the process of educating designers. Throughout this investigation, emphasis is placed on creativity, collaboration, and flexibility in design education.
Interior Design, Education, Architecture, Design, Higher Education, Campus Design, Community Engagement, Virtual Learning Environments, Design Education, Network, Public Space, Urban Design, Communal Space, Educational Facilities