Co-creating treatment for women survivors of child sexual abuse, a time limited approach

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Dicks, Margaret Tamara
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The title of this practicum report is "Co-Creating Treatment for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: A Time imited Approach". The purpose of the practicum was to develop skills as a therapist in working with women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The participants experienced a variety of symptomatology and were at different stages of their healing processes. All but one of the six women volunteered to participate in the practicum. I chose the "Dynamic Co-Creative Healing Model (DCCHM) (Bell-Gadsby and Siegenberg, 1996) as the framework from which to develop my skills as a therapist. The DCCHM takes an Ericksonian solution-focused approach in working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The practicum was time limited and I utilized techniques from other sources (Dolan, 1991) in order to effectively meet the needs of each client. The Beck Depression Inventory, the Beliefs Associated with Childhood Sexual Abuse, the Trauma Sequelae and the non-standardized Solution-Focused Recovery Scale for Survivors of sexual abuse, were used to evaluate the women's progress at pre- and post-testing. In addition each woman was invited to discuss her progress at various intervals within the practicum process.