Planning and designing social spaces within trade shows and exhibitions

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wu, mei
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Trade shows, a powerful tool to introduce and sell products and services, need to attract, hold, persuade and inform visitors. In trade shows, well-designed social spaces can facilitate active communications and interactions between exhibitors and visitors. Besides being amenities to retain visitors, social spaces can balance or re-stimulate visitors’ emotion. Based on the interdisciplinary exploration of urbanism, environmental psychology, and exhibition design, the practicum proposes a new strategy of organization for exhibition layout, structured by social spaces in various scales and levels. Case studies of existing trade shows identify the context and design factors in existing social spaces. The understanding of human behaviour and activities determines an appropriate configuration of social spaces. Systematic programming will delineate the context relating to the practicum topic. The final product is to find appropriate solutions and approachable settings to develop effective social spaces within a public trade show, improving the comprehensive quality of exhibitions.
social space, trade show