George F. Chipman - a prairie cooperator

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Kisiow, Elaine
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The editorial views of George F. Chipman, Editor in- Chief of The Grain Growers' Guide, 1911 to 1935, regarding the Cooperative Movement in Western Canada from 1911 to 1916 were determined through the utilization of qualitative historical research methods accompanied by quantitative content analytical techniques. The editorial columns of The Grain Growers' Guide became an acknowledged platform for the discussion of the Cooperative Movement and those aspects George Chipman believed were crucial to the agrarian prosperíty of praírie farmers. George Chipman's premise for strong cooperative development in the West stressed the many economic aspects of cooperation. Specifically, producer cooperation among farmers, as opposed to consumer cooperation, was promoted in the editorial columns of The Guide. Chipman's emphasis on economic cooperation over the idealistic or ethical features of the movement, was highly evident in editorials throughout the six year period. Between 1911 to 1916 George Chipman developed for himself and the readers of The Guide a practical approach toward the successful establishment of the Cooperative Movement to the benefit of the agrarian community of Western Canada.
cooperation, Chipman, George A.