Characterization of a 6 DOF Haptic Device for Mixed-Reality Temporal Bone Surgery Simulation

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Khazraee, Milad
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The temporal bone is a complicated bone in which diseases can necessitate surgery. Current surgery training methods in this area include human cadaver, physical and virtual models. The objective of this research is to modify a haptic system as a part of a Mixed Reality (MR) temporal bone surgery simulator. The simulator employs a haptic model of soft tissue, which is sufficiently simple not to alter the performance characteristics of the haptic system, overlaid on a physical model of the bone to include advantages of both. A gripper has been developed to retrofit a haptic device with a surgical drill. Device characteristics are explored and modified to compensate for gravity effects of the gripper on the system and to transmit the haptic interaction point to the drill tip, where the soft tissue model’s forces should be felt. This developed system should contribute in providing a more realistic surgery simulation.
Haptic, Mixed-Reality