Physical activity after total hip arthroplasty

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Kattenfeld, Heather
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Purpose-To examine physical activity levels after THA and relate it to pain, disability, sleep, and body composition. Methods-Cross-sectional, observational study of THA patients 1-3 years post-surgery (n=17, male). 7 day accelerometry (2 second epoch, GT3X) derived step and energy related physical activity. Body composition (WC, BMI) and pain (VAS) were measured. Disability and sleep were measured using the HOOS, Oxford Hip Score, and PSQI. Results-Participants averaged 9143 (398.2) steps/day. Statistical analysis failed to show a significant difference in comparison to the age-matched normative population. Time in moderate-vigorous intensity PA was 55.8 (22.5) minutes/day; higher than the value for the age-matched normatives. VAS function was significantly correlated to step rate (r=0.483, p<0.05). Step rate was related to Oxford Hip (r=0.486, p<0.05). VAS function was found to account for 80.7% of the variance in the HOOS and 78% of the variance in the Oxford Hip Score but no PA measures were returned. Conclusion-Activity levels in the male THA population lacking co-morbidities are clinically at par with age-matched peers and near minimum activity guidelines. Traditional PA measures were unrelated to disability measures.
hip, accelerometer