The opportunity for composting food waste at the University of Manitoba

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Altemeyer, Rob
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The three objectives of this study were to more accurately establish the volume and composition of the University of Manitoba's waste stream, particularly the compostable food waste portion; to identify and assess composting options based on their potential technical, economic, environmental, educational, regulatory and administrative feasibility; and to make appropriate recommendations based on the research findings to the University of Manitoba's Central Administration, Food Services, and the Physical Plant Department. Three key recommendations are made as a result of the research, including the following: The Physical Plant and Food Services Departments should agree on an implementation time line for a campus-wide food waste composting project that will be operational well before the 1999 Pan-Am Games; The University Central Administration should allocate sufficient funds for research activities which will determine the sources, character, quantity, composition, and seasonal variability of the compostable waste stream, and build upon the assessment criteria identified by this study; The University Physical Plant and Food Services Departments, with the encouragement and financial support of the Central dministration, should immediately identify and evaluate a range of suitable composting alternatives, and establish a small composting pilot project on campus by September 1996. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)