Building community through performing identity: the green room bistro & lounge

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Gospodyn, Tiffany
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The objective of this practicum project was to address the lack of overall cohesion of identity and culture in Winnipeg’s Cultural District through the development of a Bistro and Lounge. Theoretical concepts of placemaking helped ground the design within Winnipeg and it’s performing arts community. The project investigates how the relationship between an interior and its surrounding community context might influence one another. Aspects of performance theory, used in conjunction with theories of performativity provided a framework for the design in order to relate the act of performing to the simple rituals of the everyday. Finally, the project seeks to explore the performance opportunities a bistro and lounge environment present when the private element of a dressing room is introduced in to the space. The intention of the facility is to provide the user with a place to socialize and a means to feel as though they have assumed the role of a performer for the evening. Most importantly, this facility will provide the district with another rich, cultural experience, different from what is already available.
Peformance, Performativity, Placemaking, Identity