"All the world in ev'ry corner": community, the individual and God in George Herbert's The Temple

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Dokurno, Karalyn
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This thesis examines the interrelation of community, the individual and God in the work of the seventeenth-century poet and priest George Herbert. Through a close analysis of poems selected from the first two sections of Herbert’s book, The Temple, I explore the emphasis Herbert places on how various communities and individuals help one another to advance their relationship with God. Community is portrayed within The Temple as a guiding force for the individuals that exist within it, while at the same time various revered individuals act within Herbert’s poetry to lead the entire Christian community to God. Human community is additionally explored in Herbert’s poetry as an important construct in the eyes of God, not only because it was placed by Him to guide the more wayward members of humanity towards Him, but because of the desire He feels to be loved by the community He has created.
Poetry, George Herbert, Early Modern, Community