Analysis of wind speed data and wind energy potential in three selected locations in south-east Nigeria

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Oyedepo, Sunday O
Adaramola, Muyiwa S
Paul, Samuel S
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Abstract In this study, the wind speed characteristics and energy potential in three selected locations in the southeastern part of Nigeria were investigated using wind speed data that span between 24 and 37 years and measured at a height of 10 m. It was shown that the annual mean wind speed at a height of 10 m for Enugu, Owerri and Onitsha are 5.42, 3.36 and 3.59 m/s, respectively, while the annual mean power densities are 96.98, 23.23 and 28.34 W/m2, respectively. It was further shown that the mean annual value of the most probable wind speed are 5.47, 3.72 and 3.50 m/s for Enugu, Owerri and Onitsha, respectively, while the respective annual value of the wind speed carrying maximum energy are 6.48, 4.33 and 3.90 m/s. The performance of selected commercial wind turbine models (with rated power between 50 and 1,000 kW) designed for electricity generation and a windmill (rated power, 0.36 kW) for water pumping located in these sites was examined. The annual energy output and capacity factor for these turbines, as well as the water produced by the windmill, were determined. The minimum required design parameters for a wind turbine to be a viable option for electricity generation in each location are also suggested.
International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering. 2012 May 25;3(1):7