An analysis of the educational effort of the province of Manitoba

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McKinnon, Donald T.
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The purpose of this study was to analyze the educational effort of the Province of Manitoba. The period selected for this study was 1961 to 1968 inclusive. The educational effort was examined on the basis of the province's financial support for public elementary and secondary education. The measures of educational effort employed in this study were based on comparisons of educational expenditure and ability to pay. A secondary measure was based on income elasticity. A comparison of net operating school expenditures and municipal expenditures shows that from 1966 to 1968 the net operating expenditures rose from 54.27 per cent to 69.60 per cent of municipal expenditures. Net operating school expenditures per pupil rose gradually from 3.77 per cent of equalized assessment per pupil in 1961 to 4.38 per cent in 1965. Net operating expenditures were 3.37 per cent of personal income in 1961, fluctuated up and down until 1965 then rose rapidly to 3.59 per cent in 1966 and 4.10 per cent in 1967. In 1961 net operating educational expenditures per pupil were 16.13 per cent of personal income per capita. This ratio fluctuated up and down and reached 15.51 per cent in 1966 and 17.57 per cent in 1967. The elasticity of demand for education establishes that for the period from 1961 to 1967 each 1.00 per cent increase in personal income was accompanied by 1.69 per cent increase in total educational expenditure.