A survey of drop-outs from a Winnipeg junior high school

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Flynn, Bridget Eileen
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One of the main purposes of the study was to obtain an understanding and awareness of the problems of young people who leave school before obtaining the requirements for entrance into a secondary or technical-vocational high school. it was proposed to do this by: (1) examining the educational background of each drop-out; (2) conducting a survey to determine the social and economic factors contributing to a decision to leave school; and (3) obtaining information on the work experience of these young people in the labour market. The underlying objective of this study was to examine critically what has happened to the drop-outs to determine whether our educational and community services have effectively met their needs. Data on the educational background of the drop-outs were obtained from the school files. Information was recorded on the following items: (1) age at time of leaving school' (2) reason for leaving school; (3) attendance in grades and grades repeated; (4) reading and arithmetic scores; (5) final mark obtained; (6) number of schools attended; and (7) intelligence quotient. The interview form embraced many factors in the lives of the drop-outs: (1) personal items; (2) reasons for leaving school; (3) suggestions for making the school more helpful; (4) usefulness of academic subjects; (5) family attitude toward leaving school; (6) drop-outs' present attitude toward leaving school; (7) preparation for work; (8) methods of seeking employment; (9) employment status; and (10) leisure-time activites. The young people themselves were the primary source of the information obtained. The population considered in this study will be those students who were registered in classes at the Hugh John Macdonald School during the 1957-60 school terms and who were not received into any known secondary or technical-vocational high school. The total population consisted of 317 students, and from this group, 110 students were selected for this study. The determining factor in selecting these 110 students was that they represented the number of students who had had an academic and attendance record in the Winnipeg School Division from Grade I until time of school leaving.