Narrative voice in the preservice certification year, inquiry in teacher education

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Burnett, Enid
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The study focused on the problem of understanding how preservice teachers shift conceptual lenses from their own successful experience as learners to the pedagogical stances necessary in today's complex and diverse classrooms, and revealed what might help or hinder the development of those stances. The concept of caring and Nel Noddings' elements of moral education (modeling, dialogue, practice, and confirmation) were related as positive influences in each preservice student's perspective. Careful attention to collaboration and group cohesion within the programs was also a factor, with each story yielding positive and negative results related to contextual and personal factors. In presenting the rich data of students' lived experiences and language through case study, I emphasized the power of words, the importance of learners' participation in their own constructions of personal meaning, the importance of collegial support from peers, cooperating teachers and faculty advisors, the need for time and shared negotiation in the understanding of new approaches such as integrated curriculum and portfolio assessment, and the need for listening and true collaboration at all levels of school and university. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)