Lubrication system and shifting system improvements

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May, Morgan
Gryba, Bryce
Najar, Korosh
Galvez, Gerald
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This report presents designs for the lubrication circuit, scavenging prevention system and recommendations for shifting system upgrades to the 2012 University of Manitoba Formula Student Design Team. The scavenging prevention system presented in this report should prevent scavenging assuming that the oil pump is unable to provide oil flow for at least 6 seconds. The proposed design incorporates an accumulator into the hydraulic circuit by means of rigid hydraulic lines and a one-way flow valve. When there is flow available from the oil pump, oil is stored in the accumulator at an elevated pressure. At times when the oil pump is no longer capable of providing sufficient pressure, the accumulator reacts to maintain flow to the lubrication circuit. Supporting calculations, MATLAB code for pressure and flow calculations and excel worksheets for determining pressures and sizes of accumulator are provided with this report. Design recommendations for the 2011-2012 University of Manitoba formula SAE shifting system are also presented in this report. The leaking pneumatic shifting system should be repaired by replacing the current flex lines and a paint-ball gun air regulator, with rigid lines and an appropriately sized air regulator. Also, recommendations for how to link the high pressure lubrication circuit with the shifting system are outlined. A full design is not included for linking the lubrication and shifting systems as this would fall outside the mass budget for this project.
lubrication, system, shifting, improvements